Spanish Princess Leonor

Spanish Princess Leonor

Spanish Princess Leonor

The Spanish Princess Leonor is the youngest of the other queens to be queen. One of the daughters of King Felipe VI and queen Letizia. The princess who was born as the first child and will become a queen in the kingdom of Spain. At a young age, Leonor’s daughter has many achievements. Apart from being beautiful, she has many talents and strong self-confidence.

Many people don’t think that the leader of the Spanish empire will be a daughter. The kingdom that was previously led by a king will now be led by a queen. The kingdom began to change the constitution of the kingdom. Even so, the people of Spain will still accept the presence of a new and wiser candidate for leadership.


Cerroreyesbadajoz – At such a young age Leonor’s daughter has displayed some astonishing abilities. Apart from being beautiful, it turns out that the princess also mastered several foreign languages besides Spanish. To be a strong leader, of course, kings or queens must be able to master various languages.

Putri also has the ability to play music. Musical instruments that are mastered are strings. Strings are one of the same musical instruments as the violin. Musical instruments that are the foundation of modern orchestral sound. Many of Leonor’s daughter’s family will not believe that many people really love the presence of the beautiful Queen of Spain.

Something interesting

Beauty that can make people very happy and happy when they see it. Princess Leonor also gets a sweet nickname, namely Disney princess. A beautiful fairy tale princess has beautiful blue eyes and golden hair that makes everyone who looks at her amazed.

pretty like a disney princess//beautiful

This Disney princess-like appearance is increasingly loved by many people. Princess Leonor was different from the other princesses. Apart from being beautiful and sweet, it turns out that Leonor’s daughter has several unique things, namely:
A lefty
Ever had a tumor in the nose [benign tumor]

From some of these facts do not make people’s hearts retreat. The people always hope that Leonor’s daughter can help improve and prosper the people of Spain.