The reason the royal army uses long hats

The reason the royal army uses long hats

The reason the royal army uses long hats

The reason why the royal soldiers wore long hats certainly made many people curious and asked questions. Hearing the word long black hat, you will definitely go straight to the British queen’s royal army. Many British soldiers guard and protect the queen and her family. Soldiers who have their own characteristics are in guarding and protecting members of the kingdom.

Many don’t know that the fur hats used by British soldiers were once used to intimidate enemies. To defeat the enemy, make a tall hat with a black color like a human head. Make it look like the British soldiers are all tall.

Unique and comfortable

Cerroreyesbadajoz – Hats made especially for soldiers. The black hats worn by British soldiers were made from the skins of Canadian black bears. Another name for black bear skin is bearskin. Did you know that the hat that was used by the British soldiers did not tie the rope around the chin but was attached under the lips.

This hat, which has an extraordinary weight, when worn on the chin, can easily break a person’s head. In addition to the unique shape of the black hat, it turns out that the British army also has a uniform color other than red, namely blue. The two clothes have different functions.

Many benefits

Red is the summer dress and blue is the winter uniform. Looking at the British army uniform, of course no one would have thought that red was a material that could be used for many things, such as:

distinctive uniform//discipline warrior

Can help disguise blood stains
Clothes that give the impression of comfort and more

Maybe no one would have thought that red cloth actually has a selling price that is so very cheap. However, the soldiers of the British Empire still use the same uniform. It may look lagging and ordinary. But did you know that the uniform used by the British queen’s soldiers is now a historical story.