Queen who has many husbands

Queen who has many husbands

Queen who has many husbands

The queen who had many husbands nowadays is gone. But did you know that in ancient times there were several queens who had many concubines or husbands. A guideline that says if the king can have many wives why can’t the queen. This continues to be a lot of pros and cons in the queen’s wishes.

There are many thoughts that made the ancient queen have many husbands or concubines. To survive in the kingdom, the queen must have a strong confidant. Willing to do anything to be able to maintain the kingdom and position. No wonder the queen can get many husbands.

Maintain power

Increase royal power by using political marriage. But did you know that apart from having many husbands there are also several queens who cheated on their first husbands. This is done so that cooperation can be established and can maintain the position of the kingdom. Many men who were in high positions and had a lot of influence over the kingdom in the past liked to play with the queen. Cerroreyesbadajoz

Of course you are not curious about which queen has many concubines. Here are some names of the queens: strengthen allies

Empress Wu Zetian
Chinese queen who had many concubines. Of all his concubines there were some great people.

Ratu Wu Zetian

Queen Elizabeth I
Many people know that Elizabeth I has the nickname as the virgin queen. The queen who never married in her lifetime. But did you know that Queen Elizabeth I also has male friends. This is an open secret.

The queen who controls two kingdoms in the kingdoms of Ngola and Matamba. Did you know that Nzinga was a queen who had many male concubines without her. At official royal events, Queen Nzinga will look dashing like a man, while the concubines will wear women’s clothing.

Queen Catherine
Queen who has a lot of furniture that is styled erotic or lewd. From the model collection, you can see from every furniture ornament kept by queen Tsarina Catherine. His sexual world is so high.