The cheating queen

The cheating queen

The cheating queen

You can find out about the queen who likes to cheat when she reads the stories of the queens of antiquity. The beautiful queens who want to maintain their power by looking for allies. In ancient times a queen who had children could maintain her power. It’s not just wealth that the queen wants to have. But a power and desire to always be on top. The cheating queen

Of the many queen stories, it turns out that there are several queens who cheat on the king. The queen who wants to defend her position from all her rivals. Even so, there are also some queens who cheat because they don’t get happiness during their marriage. Here are some lists of ancient queens, namely:


The beautiful queen who reigns in the country of Egypt. In ancient Egypt, the relationship between brothers and sisters could become husband and wife. A relationship that turned out to make Queen Cleopatra have an affair with her husband. To defend her position, the queen approached Julius Caesar, the king of Rome. Cerroreyesbadajoz

Catherine the great

A beautiful girl who married a member of the Romanov family. The man who managed to rule Russia with great power. Having a strong husband does not mean giving happiness. Catherine’s husband never touched and loved his wife, so Queen Catherine entered into a relationship with the British ambassador’s secretary. With her beauty queen Catherine managed to dominate the kingdom absolutely.

Mary Stewart

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Mary Stewart a princess who inherited the power of Scotland. The princess who married young to the crown prince of France. Marriage done at a young age makes both partners awkward and complicated. Mary Stewart had an affair with another man.

Caroline Mathilde
English princess who married the king of Denmark. Married at a young age the husband was depressed and behaving crazy. This makes Caroline in a relationship with a man. A man who can make Caroline better. A relationship that was kept hidden was found out by King Caroline, returned to his home country and his mistress was sentenced to death.