Egyptian queens

Egyptian queens

Egyptian queens

The Egyptian queens once led and advanced all developments regarding Egypt. Many of you only know that Queen Cleopatra and Nefertiti once ruled the country of Egypt. It turns out that there have been several queens who have led and participated in developing the welfare of Egypt.

Almost all of its people believe in the power of the sky or the almighty. Many of the several stories say that Egypt is the first and oldest empire in the world. There is a lot of heritage and wealth stored so that the Egyptian empire still survives today.

Queen’s name

Several studies say that the Egyptians still believe in the existence of gods. There are also several carvings that explain the mythological gods and goddesses. Of course, those of you who read are curious about anyone who has been the queen of Egypt Cerroreyesbadajoz

Many do not know that when a king is still small, all decisions will be taken by his guardian. Queen Merneith became interim king until her son was born and could rule Egypt. Many thought that Queen Merneith could not lead the Egyptian Empire. It turned out that all these thoughts were wrong because the queen could lead the kingdom from dynasties one to five.


succeeded in developing Egypt//wise and beautiful

It has a story that turns out to make many people not believe that there are so many paths to the throne. Before becoming queen, it turns out that there have been several kings who led but could not last long. The king died quickly and had no descendants, Queen Neferusobek became the first female king in Egypt. Many types of pending work can be completed by the queen. It’s just that during the reign of the queen, it turned out that the people were experiencing problems of drought and hunger.

A princess who has many skills and good leadership like the previous king. Become an Egyptian queen to represent the child Egyptian king. How to lead and work systems that are made to make many people of Egypt prosperous and advanced. The great success made many people who took part in Hatshepsut’s life. During his reign, Hatshepsut built a large number of temples in Thebes. A temple depicting the story of the gods.