Still a mystery

Still a mystery

Still a mystery

Of all the stories of the queens, the story of Queen Cleopatra’s death is still a mystery. From several Egyptian records, it is stated that the Queen of Egypt died due to suicide using a snake. This is still a mystery because there is a snake that is still on Queen Cleopatra’s chest. As you know, Queen Cleopatra has been in contact with some great men like Marc Antony and Julius Caesar.

Even so, there are several records that not all of them are known to many people. A record of the life of the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. From these two relationships, the queen’s children were born. Marc Antony had three children from Queen Cleopatra and Julius Caesar had one. The record says that Julius Caesar will hand over his throne to his son. Hearing this, Marc Antoniy did not accept it and there was a fierce battle. Cerroreyesbadajoz

Wrong news

Marc Antonio and Cleopatra, who previously often won wars, ended up losing. The queen and her husband also chose to flee from the battlefield. The two of them didn’t run away together but ran separately so that the enemy couldn’t catch the queen and Marc Antony.

His love was so deep that the queen had to lose her husband. There was news that said that Queen Cleopatra had died so Marc Antony was so devastated by the news. Without asking again, Marc Antony prefers to end his life by drawing a sword into his body. Death to follow the queen is in vain because Queen Cleopatra is still alive.

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Found dead in the room

Octavian, who was in control of the war, negotiated with Queen Cleopatra. Hearing this news, of course, made the queen shocked and unable to say anything else. Cleopatra entered the room accompanied by two loyal maids. No one would have thought that Queen Cleopatra and her two maids had died in the room.

Of all the stories written, it remains an event full of mystery. No one has ever known the queen’s cause of death. His story has moved many people so that it is often picked up in a dramatic story and several other stories.