Kingdom of Denmark

Kingdom of Denmark

Kingdom of Denmark

The ruler of the kingdom in Denmark is Margrethe II. This queen has led Denmark since 1972. Before Queen Margrethe, there had been other leaders. Because of the leader of the Danish kingdom in 1814. The history of Denmark is so long that not only 1 or 2 people have been the previous leader of Denmark.

Queen Margrethe, since becoming queen, has not only had the status of a queen. But became the supreme leader of the Danish Church as well as Commander-in-Chief in the Kingdom. Uniquely the motto of Queen Margrethe is God’s help and the love of the people is the strength of Denmark. Of course, before that, there was Queen Mergrete I who had reigned for 37 years which was from 1375 to 1412.

Queen Margrethe background

Cerroreyesbadajoz – Queen Margrethe born on 1940, April 16 is a descendant of Frederik. Where Frederik is the crown prince of Denmark. Margrethe comes from the North German dynasty. Margrethe’s family has become the leader in Norway. No wonder there is a lot of knowledge that must have been passed down.

Margrethe is known as an accomplished painter apart from that she published her illustrations which were used in the Danish version of The Lord of The Rings title. Another advantage of the queen is to design her clothes. Apart from that Queen, Margrethe is a great translator. Behind the advantages, it turns out that Queen Margrethe II is a heavy smoker.

Political Role

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Since the kingdom of Denmark is a constitutional monarchy, every word of the king or queen must be obeyed. The queen in Denmark is not only the person who agrees with everything but there is participation that is carried out such as the formation of a new government. Although it is known that all bills will be signed and approved by the Cabinet Minister.

The queen or king in Denmark will officially appoint a new member to the party leader if it has obtained the most votes from parliament. The Queen will receive the latest political developments. And will make official visits to foreign countries. Of course, the task of the queen is to become a unifier of the nation both at home and abroad. There are also many tasks for the queen to do, but many people think that the queen’s work is only in the palace.

The queen’s mind was so heavy that she had to think about the people and herself. It’s not easy to be a queen especially when it comes to politics. Queen Margrethe leads the kingdom with a modern monarchy system. Queen had experienced a period of awkwardness when interviewed by several television reporters.