Danish Queen

Queen of Denmark

Danish Queen

On the European continent, there are several countries, one of which is Denmark. The Danish Territory is still a royal territory. The ruler of Denmark was a queen, Margrethe II. He has been around since 1972, of course, this queen will end her tenure until her lifetime. Queen Margrethe II is not just a queen but has the highest position as commander in chief as well as being the highest leader in the church.

Queen Margrethe II has been queen since the age of 31. During her tenure, Queen Margrethe was praised for her appearance in dress and for modernizing the Danish monarchy. Previously there were still many people who did not believe in the monarchy at that time, but when Queen Margrethe II ascended to office it was all proven. There have been many things that have been updated and united the Danish nation both in terms of economy, globalization, and even the pandemic. The Danish queen who has held power during her tenure has never abused her position for her personal pleasure. For that Queen Margrethe II is so respected and respected.

Queen Margrethe II Background

Cerroreyesbadajoz – Right in 1940 Queen Margrethe was born. The Danish kingdom was still held by King Christian x the grandfather of Queen Margrethe.. Margrethe II has a father who was the king who succeeded her grandfather. Because the previous king was the father of Queen Margrethe. Queen Margrethe becomes the next king’s successor.

has a hobby of painting//wise

Even though Queen Margrethe II became the queen of Denmark, of course, it was not an easy thing. Because there are so many things that the queen takes care of. But behind her busy life, the queen has a hobby that has made all corners of Denmark amazed, namely being able to paint beautifully. A Queen who has a hobby of painting. The resulting paintings are so good that they get a lot of praise from great painters. Apart from being a good painter, the queen is also a good translator and a clothing designer. Although the clothes design is for himself the color choice and taste are very good. But the queen also wore designer clothes, namely Jorgn Bender, Erik Mortensen, and Birgitte Tallow.