Princess Margaret’s sister Elizabeth II

Princess Margaret's sister Elizabeth II

Princess Margaret’s sister Elizabeth II

Princess Margaret, the most cherished and beloved sister of Elizabeth II. In the royal family a wedding very similar to a fairy tale. Of all the luxurious and magnificent weddings, it turns out that the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, daughter Margaret, also underwent a luxurious and magnificent wedding. Princess Margaret’s sister Elizabeth II

A wedding broadcast live on television. At Princess Margaret’s wedding, the endless number of invited guests came. The guests who attended reached as many as twenty million people. Not only in the news and broadcast live in England alone. There are several countries that apparently broadcast Princess Margaret’s wedding live, namely in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Obey all the rules of the kingdom

Cerroreyesbadajoz – By broadcasting the wedding, many people watched. If you look at the nature of the daughters of Margaret and Elizabeth II, of course it will be very different. Because of her mischievous and rebellious nature, Princess Margaret became famous. In contrast to Queen Elizabeth II who complied and complied with all the rules.

Despite having a naughty appearance, Queen Elizabeth II really likes and loves Princess Margaret. The princess who continues to study and follow all the rules of the kingdom. Beautiful princess who has a unique hobby. Putri really likes the world of art and often takes piano lessons.

Postponed wedding

Apart from being talented and beautiful, it turns out that Princess Margaret had a relationship with a captain. A meeting that managed to make the princess fall in love. A relationship that could lead to marriage. It’s just that the marriage had to be canceled due to a ban from the kingdom.

enter the world of art//Beautiful

Of course the princess’s heart was broken and she couldn’t say anything else. Hearing the cancellation of the princess’s wedding certainly made many people feel sympathy and sadness. Even so, the princess was able to endure all the sadness for three years. Years long enough to make the princess start to feel in love again.


Princess Margaret’s first marriage was blessed with two sons and a daughter. A marriage that should be blessed turns out to be separated from her husband. There are several stories that say that the daughter likes to have an affair and that is what makes the daughter’s household cracked. So big, the scandalous story that Princess Margaret had did not make Queen Elizabeth II angry. In fact, Queen Elisabeth II loved Princess Margaret even more.