Queen Elizabeth II’s hobbies

Queen Elizabeth II's hobbies

Queen Elizabeth II’s hobbies

Living as a queen doesn’t mean you don’t have the things you like. Maybe many people think that if you become a queen, you will not have freedom anymore. Many rules are so strict that they can’t do whatever they want. Queen Elizabeth II’s density was so dense that almost all of her time was spent managing the kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II’s hobbies

But did you know that during her busy period, Queen Elizabeth II also had time to spend alone? It’s not just ordinary people or people who have hobbies. The beautiful and friendly queen also has a very unique hobby. Surely many are curious what are the hobbies of Queen Elizabeth II.

horse riding

Cerroreyesbadajoz – We know that the queen likes to spend time alone on horseback. Yes, the first horse that the queen got from the former king was her grandfather King George V. The king gave her a very beautiful and tiny gift in the form of a pony. How happy a child gets a sweet gift from his beloved grandfather.

Because of the gift from her grandfather, the queen began to learn to care for and ride horses to make a farm for her horse. Even the queen has won many awards at horse racing events. It’s cool, isn’t it?

Traveling by car

When she was bored and wanted to see the scenery, Queen Elizabeth II took the time to take a walk to see the scenery by driving her favorite car.

have a stamp collection//collection

Photograph of feet

The sophisticated era did not make Queen Elizabeth II left behind. Queen Elizabeth II also likes to post a photo on Instagram social media. No less surprised that the photo in the form of a leg can be a money maker. The queen also came forward and did not want to lose to the young people.


While leading, many people may not know that Queen Elizabeth II also likes to dance. This can be seen when the queen attends an event at the Balmora palace, the queen enjoys dancing from Scotland with the duke of Edinburgh.


A hobby that is certainly familiar. Not only horses that the queen has but the queen also has a cute and sweet dog of the Corgi breed. The number of queen dogs now stands at 30 corgi breeds.


Collecting stamps and collecting various types of stamps turned out to be one of the pleasures of Queen Elizabeth II. It started with the grandfather who liked to collect stamps, finally getting infected with Queen Elizabeth, who also likes to collect stamps.


Seeing a beautiful garden with many blooming flowers will certainly make many women like it. This was also felt by the beautiful queen, Queen Elizabeth II.

Likes to drive his car.

In her youth, Queen Elizabeth II also participated in the war and transported some groceries by car. Despite being a queen and having many bodyguards. It turns out that the queen who likes to travel more often drives her car rather than being driven by several drivers.

The hobby of Queen Elizabeth II is also a money maker. Not a little money that the queen got while in office. But looking for a money-making experience turned out to be fun. Some posts in the form of photos of legs managed to make a lot of money. Horse racing also helped Queen Elizabeth get a lot of winnings and money. Opportunities that hone knowledge can make money for Queen Elizabeth II.