Queen Elizabeth II Collection

Queen Elizabeth II Collection

Queen Elizabeth II Collection

Living as a queen makes a lot of work keep coming. No one knows that the queen herself must also have a thing called fatigue. Queen Elizabeth’s tiredness paid off when she managed to get some of the collections that the queen liked. Just like ordinary people who also want to relieve their fatigue when they manage to get the collection they want. Queen Elizabeth II Collection

Of course, many think that living as royalty is no longer necessary to have collectibles. Because life is sufficient, of course, they can have anything. But the assumption turned out to be not as we thought. It turns out that they are also the same as ordinary people who want to collect the things they like.

Also, Queen Elizabeth II turned out to have some unexpected collectibles, such as:

  • car – Cerroreyesbadajoz
    The car is a collection of queen Elisabeth II who often accompany the queen across the road. There are several types of cars that the queen has, namely: land rover, Daimler, roll-Royce, jaguar, and many other types of cars that the queen has. The most interesting thing is that the queen doesn’t have a sim. The queen had been a mechanic in the female maid territorial service during World War II.
  • crown
    A queen must certainly be present at every event and will wear a beautiful crown with a beautiful necklace. Queen Elisabeth II also collects beautiful crown models and beautiful necklaces. There are several occasions the queen will attend wearing a different crown based on the event the queen is attending. The names of the crowns are: the imperial state crown, the grand duchess Vladimir, queen mary’s fringe, and many other types of crowns that are owned by Queen Elisabeth II.


  • watch
    Even though the queen led a large empire with millions of people, she also loved to collect watches. This was also followed by the queen’s children and grandchildren who also collect watches.
  • brooch
    Who does not know Queen Elizabeth II, this friendly and beautiful queen also likes to collect beautiful and beautiful brooches. No wonder many media are always amazed by the appearance of a beauty queen with a small brooch. Various types of queen Elisabeth II brooches get from other countries and close family gifts. Each brooch that the queen uses has a lot of its own meaning for the queen.
  • collect painting art
    Famous for the world’s largest collection of paintings. Many types of paintings that the queen. Each painting has a deep meaning and story. Sometimes the painting can tell the history of the passage of the British Empire.
  • clothes
    The queen always comes with bright clothes. The queen had previously had clothes made of fur. Almost all of his clothes are made of fur. But she was afraid of animal activity, so Queen Elizabeth II changed all her collections to not use fur anymore. And in winter the queen will wear a fur coat but a fake one so that her body doesn’t feel cold anymore.
each collection holds memories//color

From some of the series above, it is clear that Queen Elizabeth has many diverse collections that have their own meaning for the queen. From the era of the young queen until now, there are many types of collections that can amaze everyone.