Queen’s school of the world

Queen's school of the world

Queen’s school of the world

The universal queen’s school is a school to train a woman to become a princess who represents her country. In Indonesia, it turns out that there are schools that can educate women to become queens of the universe. As many of you know, not only beauty is the main point. But abilities, skills, and socialization are also aspects of the assessment of the queen of the universe.

In various parts of the world and countries, all women are competing to take part in the queen of the universe. Various Queen events are often held, such as Miss World and Miss Universe. In addition, it turns out that every country has its own award for every woman who takes part in a prestigious competition.

Miss Indonesia in 2009

Cerroreyesbadajoz – In order to increase their ability and totality in the event, the prospective queens of the universe must attend several special schools. A school that teaches all attitudes and behavior at the event of the queen of the universe. Did you know that the founder of the world queen school is Zulhriatul Hafizah.

One of the Indonesian princesses who won runner up 1 in 2009. One of the daughters who founded a special school to train them to become a wise queen and a beautiful queen. Not only alone in building the queen of the universe school. There were several friends who also joined, such as :maray mayasnil, and toma.

Get lots of support

can be for various women’s events//Queen

Many are curious about the queen of the universe school. As you know, in order to become a queen of the world, you need more than just beauty. but a positive value in socializing and also being able to develop tasks that have been designed. Zulhratul Hafizah, an Indonesian princess in 2009, has her own reasons for building the queen of the universe school.

Want to advance the name of Indonesia to the world. As you know, you need skill and technique to win easily. Building a queen of the world school turned out to get a lot of support from international misses and several other misses.

Not only domestic foreign countries also register.
Students who register to become students are not only from within the country. but also from abroad. Ratu Sejagad School has succeeded in forming great women by becoming finalists and winners in Miss Grand, Miss Indonesia, and many more.