Regarding queen Cleopatra

Regarding queen cleopatra

Regarding queen Cleopatra

Many men are crazy about Queen Cleopatra. It turns out that the queen really likes to spend a lot of money to get what she wants. There are several historical records that say that Queen Cleopatra was the VIIth Queen of Egypt. The queen likes the world of beauty. Regarding Queen Cleopatra, you can follow like:

Since being with Mark Antony the queen is very fond of parties. Often having parties makes the queen set up a club. All communities and residents can join and enter the club. Every time you enter the Ratu and Mark Antony Club, you have to wear a custom and go around town at night. Cerroreyesbadajoz


During the reign of Queen Cleopatra, she was almost arrested and brought to Rome. It’s just that the plan failed. There is news that says that the queen will never allow herself to lose. It’s just that these words made the commander Octavian managed to enter the Egyptian palace. To prevent his arrest, Queen Cleopatra chose to die.

Even though Queen Cleopatra has passed away, the name Queen Cleopatra is still often used as a product marketing trick. Beauty products that use the name, Cleopatra.

loves to party//Beautiful


Many think that beauty products can make skin unhealthy. But you should know that the eyeliner that Cleopatra used was actually made of antimony. A product that has excellent ingredients and helps fight eye infections.

Rose water
During her lifetime, it turns out that Queen Cleopatra really liked rose water. When you want to take a shower or wash your face, use rose water. Using rose water to make skin firm and soft. It’s no wonder that some cosmetics provide rose water as a facial cleansing and tightening product.

In ancient Egypt, there were no scrubs like now. To be able to get Queen Cleopatra’s scrub, do some mixtures such as salt, cream, and honey. All ingredients that can help moisten the face and keep the face youthful.