The first time Queen Elizabeth II did

The first time Queen Elizabeth II did

The first time Queen Elizabeth II did

The first time that Queen Elizabeth II did this during her reign amazed many people and was unexpected. As long as she is a leader, of course, there are a number of things that the Queen must do according to the existing rules. But during her lifetime Queen Elizabeth II for the first time did some unexpected things:

Broadcast on TV

Cerroreyesbadajoz – For the first time, a coronation event of Queen Elizabeth II was broadcast on TV. Not just an ordinary broadcast but a live broadcast that shows the whole process of the queen’s coronation to completion. Of course, this is a precious moment for all people. Not only through television, but there are also who broadcast the news of the queen’s coronation via radio. This new thing is a breakthrough in the digital world.

On foot

Walking is the first step to forming harmony between the people and the leader. Right on the royal visit to Australia and New Zealand, the queen with several entourage came to visit while saying hello. The greeting this time was different from the others. The Queen greeted the people on foot. For the first time, the British Empire carried out walking activities. Most leaders will wave from a safe distance while boarding the vehicle.

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Biracial Marriage

Biracial marriage is a marriage conducted between races. As you all know in the British Empire there were already 2 princes who married a woman of a different races. This could be a biracial pair that signifies the modernization of the monarchy during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Platinum Jubilee

A very lively and charming event. Commemorating Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, many members gave a rousing welcome. There were many soldiers with several musicians and others doing an attraction to welcome Queen Elizabeth II. Greetings to commemorate the Queen’s accession to the throne in England.