Queen’s Duties

Queen's Duties

Queen’s Duties

In a royal system led by a queen, of course, it becomes an absolute form of monarchical leadership. Because an absolute leader can not only be done by the king but also the queen can. If this absolute leadership can be done correctly then there are several queen’s tasks that must be carried out. Queen’s Duties

The duties of the head of state including the queen are

Uniting the Nation and the people – Cerroreyesbadajoz

Of course, a country does not want its people to tear each other down and be divided. For that why the queen is very concerned about the opinion of the people. If the people are calm, the queen must also share her thoughts by taking care of her people.

Form a cabinet

Forming a safe country by presenting the cabinet. Can complete tasks easily and quickly. A cabinet that can carry out all tasks. A cabinet of course has a goal so that the responsibilities of each holder can run smoothly.

take care of the country//working queen
Looking for a wife for the prince

Apart from state duties, of course, the queen is only a mother. Therefore the queen must think about the future of her sons and daughters. If a prince has grown up then he must have a companion. Looking for a wife fit for a prince. Who is ready to accompany her husband in every activity.

Guarding the concubine

Not only kings who have concubines. The Queen can also have concubines. The concubines must obey all the orders and rules set by the queen. Concubines who do not have the same authority as the queen.