The great former Queen of Spain

The great former Queen of Spain

The great former Queen of Spain

Apart from the British queen, it turns out that Spain also has a queen who is no less great. Even though she is no longer serving as queen, the activities that are carried out are very dense and full. It’s no wonder that at a fairly old age, he is still active and carries out some of his heavy agendas. Did you know that the great former queen of Spain has an amazing story?

Almost the whole family is very compact and always thorough in every problem. Even when it comes to corruption, they don’t just sit idly by. Immediately find a way and examine the case carefully. Seeing the age of the former Queen, of course, she is no longer young. Must take time to rest quietly.

Always on the side of children and in-laws

Cerroreyesbadajoz – It turns out that this is different from reality because the former Queen Sofia is still with her children and in-laws. Observe and support all work done by children and in-laws. If you look back, the actual story of the former Queen Sofia has also experienced a life story that was both sweet and bitter.

Who would have thought that from this story Queen Sofia managed to overcome all her problems? Living together until old age is certainly everyone’s dream. It’s just that the former Queen Sofia turned out that her love story had to end and not be resumed with her husband. Even though she was separated, the former Queen Sofia never spoke badly about her husband.

have a positive thinking attitude//beautiful and elegant

Proud and happy

Even though you’re not together, it doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. A friend who is ready to help comes when a friend is sad. With such an open and positive mind, the Spanish kingdom is always ready to listen to the opinion of the former Queen Sofia. For those of you who want to know the ins and outs of Spain, you must know the status of Queen Sofia.

A princess who was born in Greece and became a queen in Spain. Many people are amazed and proud of Sofia. How proud and happy the family is to have such a great and strong daughter and brother. Having positive thoughts and apparently not only that, Sofia has a cool sense of humor.

His presence makes all the families can be compact and harmonious. It turns out that the queen also works hard in dealing with all the problems that have occurred, one of which is the problem of viruses and food charities.