Queen Shima

Queen Shima

Queen Shima

A history from ancient times always tells the story of a great and powerful king. Even every kingdom is no less great in its historical stories. No matter how great the kingdom and the king are strong, of course, there is an important role for women. A woman who also became a queen and accompanied the king to lead the kingdom. Surely those of you who read history are familiar with Queen Shima.

The first queen who became king in Java was not just wise. Queen Shima has a very graceful beauty that makes everyone who sees her amazed and speechless. From a record, it says that Queen Shima was the wife of King Kartikevasing. The king who led the Kalinga kingdom.

Be the first queen

The Kalingga kingdom is a kingdom that stands in the Jepara region, Central Java. There has never been bad or bad news about the Kalingga kingdom. As long as under the leadership of the queen, many people are happy and happy. His wise and just nature made many people happy and accepted Queen Shima. Cerroreyesbadajoz

During leading the king and queen are always together and give a strong sense of togetherness. It’s just that the king and queen’s togetherness had to end because of the sad news from the kingdom. The kingdom was in serious trouble when the king died. There is no one who leads and looks after the people of Kalingga. He appointed queen shima to be king to lead the people.

Loved and admired by the people

The first woman to become king in Central Java//graceful

The first woman to lead the Kalinga kingdom. The queen ascended the throne and was given the title Sri Maharani Mahissasuramardini Satyaputikeswara. As long as he was king, the queen never let go of his hands. He is not half-half to give punishment to people who do not follow the rules. His firm attitude made all the people not hate him.

Anyone who violates will be immediately punished by Queen Shima. What was unexpected was that Queen Shima also urged all her people to be honest in carrying out their daily activities. Based on stories and history, it turns out that many people like and admire QueenShima.