The meanest queen in history

The meanest queen in history

The meanest queen in history

The cruelest queen in history that can give you goosebumps. Women become a high symbol for each partner. They always give a lot of sacrifices and kindness. It’s no wonder that many consider women to be great and powerful queens. But what happens if it turns out that the queen is cruel and has no feelings or humanity?

Of course, those of you who hear it will be afraid and disappointed with the evil queen. It turns out that in ancient times there were several queens who earned the nickname cruel queens throughout their history. Of course, you are not curious about these queens. based on history several queens get the nickname cruel queen, namely:

Queen Elizabeth 1

Cerroreyesbadajoz – When you hear her name, of course, you will think Queen Elizabeth 1 is a wise queen. But who would have thought that from his policy there were some very cruel traits? Her cruelty was able to make many people hide so as not to be killed by Queen Elizabeth 1. Queen Elizabeth 1 once ordered several assassins to kill Catholics in Ireland and England. Not only that, but the first queen Elizabeth also locked up and killed other people

Mary I

power-hungry queen//Marry I

Has served as a queen for only a short time. The cruelty committed by queen mary I was to order the killing of Protestant Christians. The cruelest of all, the queen ordered her guards to hang them at the stake and burn them too.

Elizabeth Bathory

A beautiful noblewoman also has the title of a cruel queen. Although not a queen, Elizabeth Bathory position as a well-known nobleman in Hungary. The cruel things that Elizabeth Bathory did were: ordering her men to torture and kill young women. There is a story that says Elizabeth Bathory liked to soak in the blood of young girls. This is done to be beautiful and youthful.


A king and queen of the Chinese kingdom. If you hear Wu Zetian’s first story, maybe you will be touched and happy too. But those are just some of the stories. A queen who will do anything to lead and become queen of China. Wuzetian’s atrocities were heinous. Willing to kill his biological daughter to frame other people and Wu Zetian has also alienated many people through his confidants.