The most beautiful woman ever

The most beautiful woman ever

The most beautiful woman ever

The most beautiful woman in ancient times was not just a rag. If you see women nowadays, of course you are already beautiful and sweet. But what about women of old? Don’t get me wrong with old women. Her beauty can hypnotize many people. The women are not only physically perfect but courage in facing all the problems that exist.

Of course many of you are curious about the women of yesteryear. A note says that beautiful women also succeeded in making two kingdoms war against each other to fight over beautiful women.

Here are some lists of beautiful women namely

Ken dedes

Cerroreyesbadajoz – One of the women who became queen in the kingdom of Singasari. There is a story that says that Ken dedes has a very beautiful aura. A beautiful woman who can present great kings. The beautiful Ken dedes once experienced an unexpected kidnapping from an Ametung stump. Fascinated by her beauty, he appointed Ken Dedes as his wife. The beauty of Ken Dedes doesn’t stop there. A struggle ensued which resulted in Ken Dedes’ husband dying and Ken Arok winning Ken Dedes’ heart.

Cloepatra VII

Beautiful and sweet queen of Egypt. Because of her beauty, Cleopatra VII became famous and admired by many people. Lots of people – people praise the beauty of the sweet Queen of Egypt. It’s no wonder that many say that the queen of Egypt is a source of eternal charm in western culture.

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Maria gunning

A beautiful woman who likes socialite activities. Her beauty is able to make many people captivated and speechless. Thanks to the beauty of Maria Gunning, a shoe maker gets a lot of money from people who want to see Maria Gunning’s shoe collection.

A queen who has a very noble and beautiful nature. A queen who managed to conquer the heart of a king Arthur. The king who was amazed by her beauty finally decided to appoint Guinevere as queen consort.

The figure of a beautiful woman who managed to charm two kings. The story says that Helen was the child of the gods Zeus and Leda. A mixed marriage that brought a beautiful woman who managed to conquer all men’s hearts. Helen became the woman who caused a war in the two kingdoms.