Queen Elizabeth II beauty products

Beauty products used by Queen Elizabeth II

Beauty products used by Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II’s beauty products actually have several superior products in managing beauty. As many people know, Queen Elizabeth II is very picky about food and drink. So do not be surprised if the queen has several types of food and drink that she likes. Queen Elizabeth II beauty products

Likewise with the cosmetics used by Queen Elizabeth II. To get beautiful and charming skin, of course, you don’t just have to choose beauty products. Many think that people who have everything buy quality products based on well-known and expensive brands. Cerroreyesbadajoz

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It turns out that all these opinions are wrong. In contrast to the British palace which gave warrants regarding beauty products. Letters containing the royal family can use the brand of beauty products they like. So that there are lots of beauty products that royal members can choose from.

Of course you are not curious about what products Queen Elizabeth II uses. The following is a list of frequently used make-up, namely:

Yardley London

Beauty products that existed in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy. Did you know that Yardley London products were allowed into the kingdom in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty five. The types of products offered are very fragrant and fresh. There are several floral aroma ingredients that you can use at Yardley London.

Elizabeth Arden

One type of beauty product that has entered the kingdom in one thousand nine hundred and sixty two. The products offered are not just one type. There are many types of care products to choose from, from facial to body care. Elizabeth Arden products are still under the auspices of Revlon Inc.

Molton Brown

It’s not just five-star hotels that have Molton Brown products. In the UK, Molton Brown products are also available. The products provided are very many from shampoo, lotion, and many more.

fresh beauty products//Molton Brown

Clarins is a well-known product that prefers to protect the environment and uses plant-based raw materials. This is what made Queen Elizabeth interested and use one of the products from Clarins.