The Story of queen victoria

The story of queen victoria

The Story of queen victoria

The story of Queen Victoria managed to make many women cry. How loyal Queen Victoria was to her husband. When talking about royal genealogy, the story will probably be long and endless. But from this story, there is a story that you might not expect that in the great British empire, there was a queen who was loyal to her husband.

Queen Victoria, a wise leader, has a life story that you can’t expect. There is a book that tells the life story of a woman named Victoria. Since the death of King George IV, he appointed Victoria as Queen of England. At a young age, he already ruled the British Empire.

Start developing

This is where some changes for the better and progress begin. In ancient times, many people traveled by foot or horse. But since Queen Victoria, everything has changed. No more walking or horse riding when traveling. Since the existence of transportation, all can travel long distances. cerroreyesbadajoz

In addition, children no longer need to go to work. All the children now only go to school every day. Children have a lot of time to study and seek knowledge as much as possible. It didn’t take long for Queen Victoria to marry a prince from Germany. From this marriage, the queen and her husband were blessed with nine beautiful and handsome children.

Loves her husband and children very much

Many do not think that Queen Victoria was a faithful wife. A notebook was found that described how much the queen loved her husband. So much adores the husband who can make the queen happy and feel the beautiful love of a true partner.

to be queen at a young age//Beautiful

While living together the queen and her husband complement and help each other in every situation. Both politics and any problems are solved together. But who would have thought that Queen Victoria’s husband had been summoned by the creator? This made the queen’s heart become empty and black.


The feeling of grief was so great that Queen Victoria experienced an inner pressure that could not be released. This is why the queen always wears a black dress. In her lifetime, since the death of her husband, Queen Victoria, she never wore colorful clothes. All the clothes used are black.