Queen Kalinyamat

Queen Kalinyamat

Queen Kalinyamat

Ratu Kalinyamat is a leader in the Jepara area. Many of you certainly do not know about Queen Kalinyamat. In the era of the Demak Sultanate, the king had a beautiful daughter named Retna Kencana. The name of the sentence is obtained from where the palace is located. Many people did not expect Queen Kalinyamat could become a firm and disciplined leader.

Almost everyone always thinks that women cannot be leaders. Can only be gentle and can not be firm. But who would have thought that Queen Kalinyamat managed to break all the talk of people who didn’t believe in her abilities? The queen is not only beautiful but strong and brave in the face of enemies.

Developing economic system

Did you know that during leading the queen began to take care of all the affairs of the kingdom? From small businesses to big ones. The thing that concerns the queen is the maritime and economic parts of the kingdom. It certainly doesn’t look easy to be able to develop the kingdom and economy of Jepara. Cerroreyesbadajoz

But who would have thought that the queen’s special attention to the economy had succeeded in making the city of Jepara rise and be ready to carry out trading activities with other cities? In just a matter of days, it can make the city of Jepara filled with many activities. Some of the Jepara residents carried out a sea trading system by sailing to several places such as Sumatra, Sulawesi, and others.

Can’t be underestimated

can prove to everyone//great queen

Not only great in economic matters. the queen was also strong in organizing wars with the Portuguese. It can be said that the queen has great power in the military. Have troops that can beat back Portuguese troops. Ratu never joined the war in Malacca and Maluku. At that time the queen became a marine who helped the sultan of Johor.

During the war, the Japanese people experienced victory in Malacca. It’s just that the victory was recaptured by the Portuguese. Even so, the queen’s fighting spirit did not just stop. He collaborated with the king of Aceh to be able to beat back the Portuguese. The war was so great that all the Portuguese soldiers were unable to withstand the queen’s attack. Even though the Jepara soldiers lost, this made the Portuguese side not underestimate Queen Kalinyamat.