Things Queen Elizabeth never experienced

Things Queen Elizabeth never experienced

Things Queen Elizabeth never experienced

Did you know that living with a lot of wealth can make us able to do whatever we want. But that only applies as long as we have a lot of money. But if we live with nothing, can we live with what we want? This also happened to Queen Elizabeth II. There are some things that Queen Elizabeth never experienced while she was alive.

A life that can be said to be perfect makes many eyes envious and want to live like them. Sometimes it doesn’t make them happy. The queen has also experienced things that should be experienced like children in general and can enjoy a beautiful youth.

You are curious about things the queen never did but could be great people. Here are some we can see such as:

In general, children who begin to recognize some letters and learn some knowledge must go to school in order to improve a child’s thinking power. But this is not a natural Queen Elizabeth II. Because living in the kingdom and as a child of the king, the queen can only study in the palace. Calling for great teachers with various types of knowledge that can be learned. Not only teachers but even the archbishop will come to teach.

  • Driving

Learning to drive a vehicle we have to do private lessons or invite someone to teach us to be able to drive the vehicle until proficient. Get a sim and be able to drive safely. Queen Elizabeth is a strong and great queen figure. At the age that looks old but still able to drive a car with agile. The difference is when we drive a car we have to carry a sim wherever we go. While queen elizabeth II does not have a sim. No need to be surprised when you see the queen out of the house driving a car.

Study at home//Queen

General election

The queen did not forbid to take part in the general election. Even the royal family can participate in the general election. Although it did not prohibit the queen, she still did not participate in the general election. The reason is quite reasonable. If a queen participates in a general election, there will be a lot of negative opinions that can cause the general election to have a chaotic impact. Thinking the queen is taking sides and doing it unfairly. So to avoid it the queen chose to be medium or neutral.

  • Dating

An heir to the king of course also feels the name of liking and falling in love. The same goes for queen elizabeth II who can also fall in love with her husband. It’s just that the life of dating Queen Elizabeth never felt like other young people. Yang goes to watch, eats and many more things that the queen has never experienced while dating her lover.


With a sufficient age of course there will be many children who grow up to earn a living and work for the family. Although queen elizabeth II never worked like an ordinary person. But the responsibility on the queen is greater than we think. Although living with many luxuries it turns out to be different. Not lazy – lazy and relaxed Queen Elizabeth always spends her time taking care of the kingdom. Setting up various types of meetings and also going to different places in the same day.