Things that Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t like

Things that Queen Elizabeth II doesn't like

Things that Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t like

Hello readers, you must be curious about Queen Elizabeth II. Of course, many already know that Queen Elizabeth II is a Queen figure who has managed to maintain her government for approximately 70 years. So far, we all know that Queen Elizabeth II is a friendly and loving Queen.

A queen who also has a perfect life both in the kingdom and outside the kingdom. But who would have thought that the life of Queen Elizabeth II also had some things the Queen didn’t like and also liked? Discussing something that the queen doesn’t like certainly makes a lot of readers confused.

What doesn’t the queen like and why?

If in an invitation we are required to wear clothes with a predetermined dress code, of course, we have to follow it. It’s the same with Queen Elizabeth II who doesn’t like it when members don’t use the dress code that has been determined. When you join the kingdom, you have to follow some rules that have been implemented. Carrying out a polite attitude while obeying the rules will make the queen happy.

  • greets without bowing

Sometimes we will find some people who greet by greeting and saying hi to friends. But it’s a different story with Queen Elizabeth II. When we meet the Queen we must bow to greet the Queen. Because bowing does not mean showing fear. Rather we show respect to the Queen. The royal family also made a curtsy greeting to the Queen.

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  • don’t give gifts when you meet the queen

Visiting a friend’s house, of course, we don’t just bring empty hands, right? The visit to the Queen also applies like we are visiting a friend’s or neighbor’s house. The Queen will be angry if the guests who come do not bring gifts. This is not because the Queen likes gifts but because the Queen wants to teach someone when we go to visit the thing to pay attention to is to bring gifts or souvenirs so that the host does not feel that his guests just want to spend their time.

There is more

  • touch

Life in the kingdom is full of many rules. The regulations are quite strict and still survive today. Like when we shake hands with royal people or with the Queen. As a civilian or an ordinary person, you don’t just want to advance your hand first to the Queen or the royals. We have to wait for those who put out their hands first when shaking hands.

  • food

There are several types of food that the queen also avoids such as raw food, which contains a lot of starch, avoids bad breath foods, and many other types of food that Queen Elizabeth does not like.

  • precedes the queen while sitting

Because the position of Queen Elizabeth is the highest, when attending a meeting or trial, never precedes the Queen while sitting. Wait for the Queen to sit first before the others follow. According to the regulations, this is not polite.

  • call the queen directly

In the British Empire, there are strict rules that teach many things including calling the Queen. When dealing with the queen, do not immediately call the Queen, but must use your majesty’s nickname first and then add the word, Queen. No matter who calls them they must still use the word your majesty when answering from the Queen. Because a leader must pay attention to his position.