Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite things

Queen Elizabeth II's favorite things

Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite things

The lovers and supporters of Queen Elizabeth II of course are familiar to your ears about the Queen of England who is loved by many people. This friendly and beautiful queen has many things she likes without many people knowing. Although there is often news about the queen, not many people know that the queen also has things she really likes. Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite things

Many think that the queen is a tough and rigid figure. But it turned out to be just a rumor. Queen Elizabeth II is known for her friendly and loving nature. Although often time runs out at work. The queen still takes the time to do things that the queen enjoys.

Favorite dog

Cerroreyesbadajoz – Being a queen doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The queen is also like all of us who have things to like and admire someone like a fan. Not much different from us ordinary people who also have hobbies and idolize someone.

The thing that the queen likes the most can actually be seen in every piece of news. When the Queen appeared on the news, we certainly didn’t realize that there was a dog following Queen Elizabeth II. It turns out that Queen Elizabeth II has always loved dogs. Especially if the dog is from the Corgi race. The Corgi breed has been the queen of care since she was young. Always accompanied the queen since the queen was young.

This corgi breed dog which has golden yellow and white colors has accompanied the queen for quite a long time. During his 30 years of life, he took care of the queen and gave the queen a playmate with her cute children. Now after a long time it turns out that Queen Elizabeth II’s dogs have about 30 Corgis.


Not only pets, but the queen also has a unique way of enjoying tea and the atmosphere in the palace. Maybe some don’t know that the queen who lives in England also likes tea made in India. Tea which has acidic properties is the queen’s favorite drink. Yes, earl gray tea or better known as silver tips imperial tea.

how to enjoy food and drink//liked

The queen’s unique habit of enjoying tea really surprised many people. If we enjoy tea, we will mix sugar in the drink. But the queen actually enjoyed the tea without sugar and combined it with bread and small sweet cakes.

Building models

It was not only tea from India that succeeded in attracting the queen, but the design of the building also succeeded in making the queen shot. So that the queen did not half-heartedly change the design of the palace like India’s. Many say that the older we get, the more our pleasures change.

Clothing color and more

This is in contrast to the fact that Queen Elizabeth II, who is quite old, is able to adjust to the fashion of young people. Not in terms of appearance but in terms of color. Every time Queen Elizabeth II comes to an event the color of the clothes the queen always wears is bright colors.

There are many more things that Queen Elizabeth II loves, such as: supporting her favorite soccer player. And there are several types of food that the queen also enjoys, namely: chocolate, cereals, scones, and many more.