Beautiful with dangerous ingredients

Beautiful with dangerous ingredients

Beautiful with dangerous ingredients

Beauty with dangerous ingredients can certainly put someone’s life at stake. In the royal era, queens who always wanted to look beautiful would do anything to have a beautiful and elegant face. A cosmetic that can make a queen die slowly.

In ancient times, cosmetic preparations still used ordinary tools. Not as sophisticated as cosmetic tools now. Of course, you ordinary people will not believe that beautiful queens use dangerous cosmetics. Here are some famous queens and women who have used dangerous cosmetics, namely:

Simonetta Vespucci

Cerroreyesbadajoz – During the Renaissance, a woman named Simonetta Vespucci had a name that was quite popular. Besides being famous, Simonetta Vespucci also has a very beautiful face. Almost all women in that era really wanted to imitate their appearance. Not only as admirers, women are willing to do anything to look beautiful like Simonetta Vespucci. The materials used are not just one type. There are many ways to look beautiful and charming.

imitating her beauty//Beautiful


A queen who has a historical record of her beauty. Many do not know that the queen of Nefertiti is very fond of beauty. Queen Nefertiti performed many types of treatments. To get a white and smooth body using soy milk and honey. Besides that, Queen Nefertiti also really likes to use eye and lip decorations. The eye decoration used by the queen is galena. Galena is a very lethal lead. For lips using materials that contain toxins that are very dangerous.

Diane de Poitiers

This beautiful woman who has a very young face turns out to be a mistress of King Henry II of France. Who would have thought that the death of Diane de Poitiers was due to her own habits. Frequently used treatments and cosmetics contain more gold deposits. No wonder when she died, many elements of gold were found in Diane de Poitiers’ body and hair.

Maria gunning

A socialite woman who is adored by many people. This beautiful woman who is adored by many people turns out to be a cosmetic girl. Almost all of the cosmetics used contain a lot of lead compounds which could have killed Maria Gunning.