Kingdom rules to follow

Kingdom rules to follow

Kingdom rules to follow

Royal rules are to be followed strictly. Becoming a member of the kingdom is not as easy as we imagine. Many people think that if they become royalty and royalty their life will be sufficient. But who would have thought that in order to become a famous person they had to do some strict rules. Kingdom rules to follow

There are many rules that must be obeyed by everyone, including the queen and royal princesses. Maintain all manners and make no mistakes. Being one of the keys to maintaining the good name of the kingdom. Maintaining a good name and ethics can make someone respected and easily enter into the community of noble and royal sons and daughters.

Of course, many of you must be curious about the rules that must be learned. The following are the rules:

Stand up – Cerroreyesbadajoz

Living in the world of the kingdom makes you have to start being careful and pay attention to every attitude of your interlocutor. It’s the same as when you see a queen or king standing up, you have to stand up too. These are the basic rules that you have to learn and don’t make mistakes.

Dining etiquette

lots of studying the rules//be elegant

Eating together is an unforgettable moment. Can gather and enjoy gathering with family. But it’s a different story if you eat with the queen. When the queen finishes eating, you can’t continue eating anymore.


Giving royal greetings is the first thing you have to learn. Each princess and prince will get a different greeting practice. For the men who greet the king or queen must bow their heads. As for women they have to give greetings in a curtsy style.

After marriage given a new name

Joining the royal family will get a new name. A name given by the king and queen. A name that can make decisions and access the palace. The name passed by the king and queen.

No physical touch

Did you know that royal members have unique restrictions? Prohibition in holding hands. No one would have thought that the kingdom had unique rules. No holding hands.