The unique thing about the queen’s army

The unique thing about the queen's army

The unique thing about the queen’s army

The unique things of the queen’s army are very diverse. Even though they look firm and cold, it turns out that the soldiers also have their own agenda. When working they will be serious and not play-play. But when they are released from work, the day they live looks happy and happy. Serving the royal family was a source of pride for British soldiers.

Unique things that you might rarely find are:


The task of guarding the palace and the queen is the first and most important step. Cerroreyesbadajoz – Wasting no time joking around and keeping an eye on the queen’s every move. Looking assertive on duty doesn’t mean you’ll be cold to others. For others, soldiers are only subordinates who must obey the queen and the people. But not in England. The soldiers only obey the queen’s orders. A queen who saw her soldiers being ambushed or disturbing the troops’ work would shout an order.


firm and authoritative//line up

If you are on vacation in England, of course, you have seen soldiers wearing long black hats. This hat, which turns out to be made from bear fur, has several benefits for soldiers. To find soldiers wearing bear fur hats, you can visit the front of the queen’s palace or when the queen is walking. The purpose of wearing a hat is not just to wear uniforms but to make someone look tall. However, it turns out that the bear fur hat is not as light as you think. The hat is dangerous enough for the soldiers themselves. Because the hat was so heavy it could make a soldier die with a broken head.

Entertain yourself

Vacationing in England and meeting the queen’s bodyguards, of course, you will think of them as statues. Not moving and smiling at all. But you know guards are also human. Can feel bored and also bored. In order to be free for a moment, it turns out that when it is their turn to guard the queen’s bodyguards who are resting, they get the opportunity to relax while singing a few songs.

Not only that, the bodyguards sometimes come out of their mischievous nature. Sometimes it likes to disturb visiting tourists. Like passing people taking pictures and having their pictures covered by the movements of the queen’s soldiers,