The unique thing about the queen of England’s army

Unique thing about the queen of England's army

The unique thing about the queen of England’s army

You can see the unique thing about the queen of England’s soldiers from their attitude and the way they act. If you are on vacation in England, of course, you will find something unique. Seeing the residents passing by are guarded by a soldier who is ready to protect the people. There are some soldiers who have different appearances from other soldiers.

Even though they look cute but they are soldiers who protect the royal family. The Queens Guard is the name of the troops that guard the Queen of England. Soldiers who turned out to have better skills than ordinary soldiers. In forming the queen’s army, not from one group but taken from several different groups.

The unique thing about being a British bodyguard

Not just British – Cerroreyesbadajoz

Many people think that being in the queen’s and royal army must come from the same country. But this turned out to be not true. Can become a queen’s bodyguard when someone has taken the oath of allegiance to the king or queen.

Smiling pays the fine

If you find an officer or bodyguard, of course, they will give you their best smile. but things are different when you become a British bodyguard. Those who smile will pay a fine that is quite expensive. This is what makes English people look firm because they are not allowed to smile.

oath of allegiance to protect the royal family//unique

Fall in style

If you become a royal soldier, you must be prepared for all tasks. In England, soldiers who are tired or dizzy will stand upright in a fainting style or they can also squat or they can sleep in a straight position. Do not make noise while on duty or in the surrounding community.

Can’t go to the toilet

While on duty, soldiers cannot just leave the guard post. Except when there is a change of guard then you can go to the toilet. This is why sometimes the royal soldiers also have to hold back their desire to go to the toilet. When the soldiers could not hold their bowels, they had to relieve themselves in their pants.