The future Queens of Europe

The future queens of europe

The future Queens of Europe

European Queen candidates who are preparing to become a Queen. Europe is such a big and wide place. In addition to England, which has a great and wise queen. It turns out that even in Europe it is also led by a Queen. Several European kingdoms are currently preparing several steps in the election of the European queen. The future Queens of Europe

The Kingdoms in Europe are currently choosing a Queen, namely Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain. Of course, the candidates they prepared still had the status of a princess. It is not arbitrary to inaugurate princesses to become Queens. They had to prepare themselves and learn some of the constitutions from the kingdom.

Train a new Queen

Even though the direct descendants of the King and Queen did not want the princesses to have difficulties in leading the kingdom. Train them to be great and wise Queens. Of course, you are curious about the names of future Queens in Europe.

Here are some names of European queens namely: Cerroreyesbadajoz

Catharina Amalia

Princess Catharina – Amalia from the Netherlands. A princess who turned out to have been sworn in directly by Queen Beatrix. Previously, the birth of Catharina – Amalia was very busy, various places in the Dutch kingdom announced the birth of Catharina – Amalia. There were one hundred and one-shots that they prepared to welcome the new heir.


change of king//queen candidates

King Carl XVI Gustaf had some wonderful children. One of them is Victoria who is a princess from Sweden. The first princess to be made Queen of Sweden. In the Swedish kingdom, the king has a prince. Many thought that this position would be handed over to the prince. Based on the laws of the Swedish kingdom, the first child will inherit the kingdom. You could say Princess Victoria will be the next Queen of the Swedish kingdom.


Princess of the Belgian Kingdom. A princess who has been raised to be the Queen of Belgium. The first queen to lead the kingdom of Belgium.


The first queen of the kingdom of Spain. A princess who will replace her father’s royal throne. At such a young age, the princess once made a speech at the Princess Asturias Awards event.

Ingrid Alexandra

Norwegian princess who will become Queen succeeds Prince Haakon. Of course, to become queen princess Ingrid Alexandra must be patient to wait. Because the king of the Norwegian kingdom still exists, and Prince Haakon is the crown prince of the Norwegian kingdom.